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"Personal aviation can transform your life"

Travel becomes efficient and effortless whether you’re looking to streamline your work days or redefine your weekends. A Cirrus, with the right Cirrus approved training, can get you to your destination or help you complete your work mission safely and quickly. Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) are flight instructors who have been evaluated and certified by Cirrus as meeting their safe operating requirements in addition to the CASA licensing requirements. CSIPs will provide you a factory-level experience designed to get you flying in a Cirrus quickly, efficiently and safely. Cirrus has a comprehensive training program, Cirrus Approach, to improve the proficiency and confidence of Cirrus pilots. ARC Aviation can co-ordinate and assist with your participation in all phases of Cirrus training.

About US

ARC Aviation was established as a solely Cirrus-oriented organisation to support you, our customers, with an executive level flying training and sales service. Whether you are interested in buying a Cirrus or training in the latest Cirrus aircraft, starting your flying career or simply wishing to improve your flying skills with a specialist Cirrus instructor, ARC Aviation is the place for you.

The best and safest pilots never stop learning

At ARC Aviation, for your own benefit and that of your family, we are here to support your commitment to be the best and safest pilot that you can be. We use only the latest generation of Cirrus Aircraft so that you can fly with the latest technology available and in the safest aircraft that incorporates the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. ARC Aviation is also the exclusive Cirrus Sales Agent for South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria offering the entire Cirrus range for sale, which includes the SR20, SR22, SR22T and SF50 Vision Jet.

State of the art training and office facility

Our purpose built training and sales centre offers state of the art multimedia briefing rooms, classroom facilities for individual and small group training sessions and access to all our modern amenities.

Opening onto the airport apron, all preflight preparation to your aircraft can be done within the hangar facility then simply move the aircraft to the apron ready to depart.
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